Possible oddkin (2023)

The Greenhouse standing next to the bird reserve in downtown Reykjavík has been turned into a laboratory, where something odd has occurred. Once you enter, you are reminded of the lives about to start in the marsh outside. Inside are creatures that look as if they are just on the brink of becoming. They are familiar and strange simultaneously, bringing you an uncanny feeling, a vague memory that your body might just remember from when it too was at this strange cusp of life.

In the exhibition Possible Oddkin, Brák Jónsdóttir explores and blurs the boundaries between mind, body and environment. Pondering the commonalities of greenhouses and nature reserves as man-made spaces for exploring and conditioning life, spaces meant for some kind of reproduction.

Plucking strings from these thoughts, tracing them and braiding, Brák weaves a story of possible worlds and futures. A story that challenges traditional ideas of mating and kinship. In hopes of daring visitors to rethink their own relationships with the world and all its beings.

Text and curation by Odda Júlía Snorradóttir