Pleasure Isle (2018 - 2023)

Welcome to the Pleasure Isle, where the act of flirting feels like oxygen and the atmosphere is filled with extreme, exhilarating joy. It’s the kind of joy you find in the hearts of soul sisters, surrounding the deep friendship between women. This kind of cherished connection has been celebrated through the centuries, and still is, world wide.

Artist duo, Brák and Dúfa invite you to step onto the Pleasure Isle and become part of their narrative, perhaps you will get a sense of rising or expanding, even to the point of light-headedness. The creative endeavors of the duo delve intricately into the multifaceted interplay of love and its connections, whether with individuals or the natural world. Their chosen mediums encompass a diverse range, incorporating videos that unfold like visual poetry, installations that redefine spaces, and participatory acts that engage audiences. With a shared vision, the duo strives to conjure profound intimacy within their creations, encapsulating the very essence of life's unadorned delights. The act of observing birds taking flight, the comfort of crisp and fragrant linen, the contemplative allure of reflective ponds - these seemingly ordinary moments are elevated through their lens.