Plan-B Art Festival
The Settlement Center, Borgarnes

Displacement of lifeforms from a lush environment, to a tense scene of the fetishistic. Slow growth of decay within a captured reality. The provocation of capturing the pleasure of release on the verge of thrill and pain.

The material essence of these works is inspired by kink and sensous research into the relationship between humans and naturally occuring systems. A blushing tension between domination and submission, pain and thrill, envelope the sculptures. Here, erotic energy, the handling of the environment and the insoluble unity of man-made and natural forms blurr the once clearly delineated boundary between the natural and the artificial. They create a new reality.

Searingly exposed eyes detect cold clammy cages. Cages inhibit the flow of material but encourage the flow of the mind into hybrid thoughts. In the body of hybrids lives a life of rot: an ephemeral state of mind that leads to fantasies of the deepest recesses of the mind. The artist is a playmate of the earth and makes an attempt to connect with it in a similar way as we do in our most intimate relationships. Human culture and nature merge into one inseparable whole, thus emphasizing the worldly multiplicity of humanity and its mutual connection with the more-than-human. Raw emotion and science fiction, where biodiversity is the core, open a door to a world where natural and synthetic materials mutate into unlimited beings: hybrids.

Hybrids (2021). Metal, timber, grass.