Spenna | Blushing Tension
Reykjavík Art Museum

Glossy latex, warm blood, dry rope tightened against delicate features, solidified wax, hypersensitive movement and bodily sounds. The sculptures are comprised of a blushing tension between pain and pleasure, natural and man-made materials. I strive to look for a way to be at one with the world and sometimes find it in the gap between the imaginary and the real, by intertwining the portals of reality and fantasy. It feels right to me that art and life should merge into one inseparable whole and thus my works inevitably have a direct connection to my emotional life and worldly multiplicity: they are a reflection of my inner and outer self. I want to feel the intimacy of the universe, similar to the intimacy we experience in amorous relationships. The work opens up a door to a world where we can imbue vulnerability into the body's fullest membrane and even further… bleed into the subject-matter and unarm ourselves.


Blushing Tension (2021). Metal, latex, rose, shibari rope, plastic, grass, dried straw, tape, photograph.